All of our Partner products are shipped to our ports-of-call in eco-friendly boxes that you can recycle with us.

All of our Partner crops are treated with a pesticide-free agent that repels pests in a natural way. You and your family can eat without concern.

Our Partner's processes have been passed down from generation to generation. You will be impressed by how they get their land and crops ready for you and your family. 


Our oil and spice products from Private Reserves are hand-picked. We ensure all our product are of the finest and freshest quality. 


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The home of  Pitch Craft Beer


Escalating incidence of heart, cancer, diabetes, and other "diseases" are directly correlated with growth of agricultural mass production techniques, chemical usage, and gene technologies. Coupled with increasingly lax and misleading food production and labeling standards, we face an existential threat.

Boutique organic farms are the best sources of healthy foods. Bootsea is your trusted gateway to the world's finest foods and beverages that are good for you, and good for the planet.

Bootsea standards ensure all products we source are made from 100% Natural Ingredients, are processed and packaged in accordance with Green Methods and Technology, and meet our Business Standards for upholding Man's Natural Rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

  • Pitch Craft Beer
  • Finest Lambda Olive Oil
  • Supreme Elvish Honey
  • Pinnacle Saffron and Herbs
  • Sensational Sri Lanka Cinnamon
  • White Hot Penja Peppercorn
  • Select Læsø Salt